D1.1 Toolbox for efficient and sustainable energy use

The scalable and harmonised toolbox will be the key living repository of the project collecting the main outcomes and results produced by the SESA project across the different WPs. The toolbox launch is intended to build a structure of regular iterative updates from various Work Packages through the course of the project.

Executive summary

SESA – Smart Energy Solutions for Africa is a collaborative project between the European Union and nine African countries that aims at providing innovative energy solutions using decentralised renewables.

This report describes the energy efficient toolbox that has been developed in work package 1 of the SESA project and is continuously updated. Although the toolbox falls in the work package 1, it is intrinsically linked to many activities that are undertaken by all partners within other work packages and are expected to provide valuable insights, tools and other relevant output. Content developed in other work packages will be included (or adapted) to be made available in the Toolbox.

The Toolbox is envisioned to be a legacy outcome of the SESA project that can support the development of energy efficient solutions beyond the scope of the project.

This report explains the process that has been put in place to manage and monitor the identification and development progress of content for the Toolbox as well as the design and functionalities of the Toolbox itself. The process aims to minimize complexity, such as the need for all partners to have a sufficient level of technical knowledge of WordPress, while still taking into consideration the need to have checks in place regarding quality, completeness, GDPR and/or sensitive data etc. It allows for all work packages and partners to be involved in (or informed about) the development of content and helps as an additional trigger to identify new and valuable content for the Toolbox. The description of the design and functionalities of the Toolbox ensures the project also has documentation of its more technical details.

Finally, the report also includes a section which provides a summary overview of the content published in the Toolbox for each ‘update’ moment, which take place in months 12, 18 and 40 of the project’s lifespan, as defined in the Grant Agreement for the SESA project.