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Below is the list of the selected companies under the SESA Call for Entrepreneurs 2022 and the SESA Call for Entrepreneurs 2023.

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If you are interested in any of the 9 SESA startups that pitched at the SESA Invest & Procure Summit in Kigali, Rwanda on April 24th, kindly indicate this by filling in the form. It will take not more than a minute of your time.

SESA Call for Entrepreneurs 2023 (Replication)

Cool Lions Energies

📍Abidjan, Côte d‘Ivoire 

COOL LION ENERGIES is a specialist in the construction, assembly, and provision of storage infrastructure and refrigerated storage powered by clean energy. The company provides a wide range of solutions in different sectors, in particular agriculture, agri-food, industries and commerce, and has been awarded the best small infrastructure innovation company by the African Union Development Agency.

Dritoven Engineering CC

📍Windhoek, Namibia 

Dritoven Engineering empowers the future with expert contracting services in electrical, mechanical, and renewable energy solutions, specializing in solar PV installations.

Ohengo Investments CC

📍Windhoek, Namibia 

Ohengo Investments CC has ventured into the renewable energy industry to contribute to the social and economic upliftment of people living without basic amenities like electricity.

Havenhill Synergy Limited

📍Abuja, Nigeria 

Havenhill Synergy is a clean-tech off-grid utility company that uses solar energy to generate clean, safe, cost-effective, and sustainable electricity in urban and rural areas.

Powerstove Energy

📍Abuja, Nigeria 

Powerstove’s exclusive technologies provide cutting-edge Tier-5 cooking solutions to households, ensuring affordability through their pay-as-you-go (pay-go) technology. Paired with their IoT features, it enhances the user experience, elevates service quality, and facilitates precise impact measurement.

EcoGreen Solutions Ltd 

📍Kigali, Rwanda 

EcoGreen Solutions Ltd., a Rwandan-based company led by two young women, pioneers innovative, environmentally friendly cooking solutions. Their focus spans from Tier 3 to Tier 5 certified cook stoves, bolstered by biomass pellet production. Committed to empowering communities and mitigating CO2 emissions, their mission is to revolutionize global cooking practices, targeting diverse markets and offering flexible payment options.

SLS Energy

📍Kigali, Rwanda 

SLS Energy provides affordable and sustainable energy storage solutions using batteries retired from electric vehicles or salvaged from electronic waste in a circular economy model. 

Simusolar Limited 

📍Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 

Simusolar provides flexible, affordable financing to support sales and distribution of productive assets to rural smallholder farmers, fishers, and livestock keepers. Their focus lies in designing, selling, installing, and servicing impactful solar-powered equipment packages, directly enhancing productivity in rural areas. Simusolar offerings include solar water pumps, irrigation equipment, fishing lights.

SESA Call for Entrepreneurs 2022 (Validation)


📍Kentinkrono, Kumasi, Ghana 

Nastech provides affordable, reliable, and durable solar energy solutions to businesses and communities in Ghana and Africa by recycling electronic waste materials to develop a cheaper power alternative that most people can afford, reducing the carbon footprint of energy generation in Ghana.


📍Accra, Ghana

Econexus Venture Limited endeavors to advance the adoption of clean cooking solutions throughout West Africa, systematically substituting traditional charcoal, firewood, and costly LPG with efficient bio-ethanol gel fuels and stoves. 


📍 Karonga District, Malawi 

SEE improves access to solar pump irrigation systems among smallholder farmers in order to alleviate low incomes and food insecurity whilst mitigating climate change related effects in Malawi. 

GREEN Solar Academy

📍Johannesburg, South Africa

The GREEN Solar Academy is a South African independent training provider in the field of Photovoltaic, founded by two female renewable energy specialists with the vision to make renewable energy accessible to all Africans and to create Africa’s biggest network of PV installers.