The startup incubator programme will support the testing of local innovation, the establishment of partnerships as well as the development and testing of business models. Through the incubator programme, we will connect customers with a community that offers cutting-edge innovation, this ensuring that the results from the SESA project are anchored in the local communities and lead to local job creation and growth in the participating African countries.

The incubator programme will consist of a comprehensive set of financial and non-financial growth support offered at different levels, tailored to the growth stage and specific needs of the early stage businesses. The programme aim to support 10 to 15 selected startups.

The programme will include training, business development mentoring and coaching, technology and access to finance / investment readiness support will be offered to the selected startups.

The incubator programme will be hosted at training and innovation centres of SESA partner universities in Africa, guided by a team of technology and business experts from Africa and Europe.