Namibia Replication Action

Replication action description

The Namibian replication case is a national endeavour, whereby specific rural communities nationwide will be selected as recipients of the replicated solutions. The solutions are essential for communities, as they enable communities to: 

1) have access to green and sustainable energy 
2) to enhance local productivity and capacity.  

Replication action activities

In the case of two rural communities, Donkerbos and Otjisa, research activities have been undertaken to explore alternative green energy use cases. Pertaining to replication activities, two SMEs have been selected to implement the scalable green energy solutions as part of the replication objectives specified in the project.

Description of the problem addressed

Various issues will be addressed, for instance local food security and energy access. However, due to the diversity of communities, different challenges will be address with a primary focus on expanding socioeconomic possibilities.  



    To enable green energy access.  


    To expand green energy use in rural areas. 


    To ensure local socio-economic opportunities in rural communities.  

    Technology being tested


    Various technology solutions will be replicated.

    • First, solar-powered water pumps. The pumps enable and harness solar energy to efficiently irrigate fields and gardens using water from various sources such as boreholes and rivers.
    • Other irrigation technologies such as irrigation with solar-powered booster pumps and controllers solar-powered hydroponic and aquaponic farming systems will also be replicated.
    • To enable a broader use of green energy, energy-dock-systems capable of powering various amenities such as TVs, lights, and freezers (optional) will be replicated.