Living Labs will be created in nine African cities and counties. The project Living labs will be real-life test beds for innovative energy solutions, which will enable the project to experiment in different environments.

Energy users and providers will be actively involved to co-create innovations and test the effectiveness of the technologies and services to ensure they meet user needs and are viable and fit into the local context. The integration of different solutions in the demonstration project hubs will be a key focus.

The innovations will be tested in close cooperation with local energy providers and authorities, local businesses and European industry, guided by research and innovation partners. The support teams will provide robust technical specifications tailor-made for the local context. 

Co-development test sites Western Kenya
Kisumu (urban) & Homabay (rural) counties

Validation sites
Ghana, Malawi, Morocco, Namibia and South Africa

Replication sites
Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania