D4.1 Five demonstration implementation plans

For all partner cities or counties, demonstration implementation plans (at least 5) will be developed (Task 4.1). By bringing together the knowledge gained in WP1, WP3 and linking to the activities planned in WP2, the plans will outline concrete steps for the ​demonstration phase helping to set the base for a successful implementation. The plans will include 1 modular living lab demonstration plan in Kenya, and 4 validation demonstration plans in Morocco, Ghana, Malawi and South Africa.

Executive summary

This deliverable summarizes the on-going activities of Work Package 4 of the Sustainable Energy Solutions Africa (SESA) project (European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation framework programme under Grant Agreement No. 101037141). The SESA project involves a modular living lab demonstration action in Kenya, 4 validation demonstration projects in Morocco, Ghana, Malawi, and South Africa, and 4 replication demonstration projects in Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Nigeria.

This report comprises Five demonstration Implementation Plans (for Kenya, Morocco, Ghana, Malawi and South Africa) and set up of the regional platform to satisfy deliverable 4.1. The five implementation plans and the regional platform set up have been collated in this one report.

The SESA project draws upon thematic experts from Europe and Africa from relevant fields of application to provide insights and guidance to the support co-development of the living labs. The implementation plans describe the context, need and implementation activities innovative energy solutions activities across the identified thematic areas in the different living lab locations. The identified thematic areas include:

  • Solar energy: Kenya (test), Ghana (validation), South Africa (validation), Morocco (validation), Namibia (replication), Tanzania (replication), Nigeria (replication), Rwanda (replication).  
  • Clean cooking/ Waste to energy (Biogas for cooking): Ghana (validation), Malawi (validation), Rwanda (replication). 
  • Second life EV (Li-ion batteries) batteries: Kenya (test), South Africa (validation), Morocco (validation).