D7.5 Data Management Plan

A Data Management Plan will be a living document that will present the status of the project’s reflections on data management. Purpose of the document is to provide detailed information on the informed consent procedures that will be implemented regarding the collection, storage and protection of personal data that might be collected in the activities of stakeholder engagement throughout the project. The Plan will take into consideration the different methods used and purposes used for data collection and provide partners to ensure the legal compliance.

Executive summary

This document (deliverable D7.5) describes the SESA project Data Management Plan (DMP), which outlines how data will be handled during the project lifetime. The data collection, sharing and storing process is described in this document, following a methodology aligned with the H2020 guidelines on data management. The document describes how collected data will be managed in the demonstration projects. Data security and personal data protection security are outlined in this deliverable. The deliverable also touches on how data generated in this project will comply with the FAIR approach (findable, accessible, interoperable, re-usable). In addition to this deliverable, more details on the data gathering will be included in other relevant documents to be prepared by the project.