First SESA Toolbox milestone achieved

Jul 5, 2022

In addition to the energy-access solutions being developed and implemented at the living-lab sites themselves, the SESA Toolbox is one of the key outputs of the SESA project. It is not only a ‘deliverable’ by itself, but more importantly, its content will reflect the insights and learnings from many of the activities that will be undertaken by the many collaborating SESA partners. The toolbox will therefore contain information that is collected and created by all partners during the project’s development, implementation, and use of the solutions across the demonstration and validation sites.

The purpose of the Toolbox is to share these insights and learnings in ways that will help others, be they policy makers or local community members, embark on similar journeys. We are happy to announce that, with the project, we have achieved a first milestone for the SESA Toolbox. The preliminary version of the Toolbox is now online. This means that, under coordination of ICLEI World Secretariat and Cenex NL, and based on input from multiple SESA partners, the functional requirements and design was developed. In collaboration with dissemination partner F6S, it has now been launched as the (preliminary) version of the Toolbox.

The website-based Toolbox has seven main categories: Agriculture, Economics, Energy, Environmental, IT, Mobility, and Social. It allows visitors and users of the Toolbox to search content
by filtering down through these main categories. Further fine-tuning or alternative search for topic specific content can be and filtered down using additional filter selections. This will facilitate users finding the desired information quickly and easily. Each item displayed in the search results will have a description of what it is about and include documents, catalogues, tools, videos, or any additional material that is relevant. Individual items will be made available for download where possible.

The SESA Toolbox is currently online and available for partners and over the course of the next few months will be populated with first collection of ‘content material’. We will also use this time to test its functionalities on a broader level with the partners and make some adjustments if useful. After which the Toolbox will be made available for everyone.

In addition, the SESA project is also looking for ways to make the content in the SESA Toolbox also available via Info-spots technology. This solution is dedicated to address issues of making (digital) information and knowledge available and accessible for people in areas with limited connectivity- access for technical or economic reasons. Be sure to keep an eye out for further updates on these next steps for the SESA Toolbox in the SESA newsletter, website and social media posts!