Smart Innovation Norway kick-started 6-week long foundational incubator programs for the companies selected under SESA’s ‘Call for Entrepreneurs’.

Mar 9, 2023

10 companies have been selected to take part in the program which aims at introducing companies to methods and strategies for reaching problem solution fit faster.

The selected companies are:

On the first seminar all the companies selected were introduced to each other and to the mentors from Smart Innovation Norway. This was followed by seminar on topic of Startup/Scaleup Life Cycle.

From now onwards there will be seminar and workshop every Thursday for next 5 weeks where companies will work on various topics of start-up development under the guidance of mentors. The upcoming planned are:

  • 16th March: ‘Market Plan’
  • 23rd March: ‘Promoting & Pricing’
  • 30th March: ‘Revenue and business modeling’
  • 13th April: ‘Demo day’