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Cool Lions Energies

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Seshie Richard  | Managing Director 

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COOL LION ENERGIES specializes in offering innovative cooling-as-a-service solutions tailored for smallholder farmers’ cooperatives across Africa. Our comprehensive approach integrates clean energy access—leveraging solar and hybrid power—with digital solutions to address the pressing need for efficient cooling infrastructure in the agricultural sector. 

Service Description

Our solutions encompass the installation of cold storage refrigerated containers ranging from 10 foot size and above or standalone cooling systems, adaptable to existing storehouses. These systems maintain produce freshness for up to 7 weeks for staples and up to 1 year for small-scale fishermen. Each container features a remote lockdown system and facilitates convenient payment through a dedicated mobile money USSD shortcode, ensuring ease of use for farmers in rural areas. 

Our target market spans both urban and rural regions. In urban areas, our focus is on linking smallholder farmers with urban markets, catering to the rising demand for fresh produce. Conversely, in rural areas, our objective is to provide cost-effective cooling infrastructure closer to the farmgate. This strategic placement reduces the necessity for lengthy transportation, thereby preserving produce quality. 

Primarily aimed at economically disadvantaged smallholder farmers, our project addresses the challenges these individuals encounter in accessing modern technologies and resources. COOL LION ENERGIES aims to bridge this gap by offering sustainable and inclusive solutions. 

The implementation of a pay-as-you-go model ensures affordability for smallholder farmers, enabling them to access and benefit from cooling infrastructure without substantial upfront financial commitments. Our mission is to empower smallholder farmers through accessible and affordable cooling-as-a-service solutions. 

Access to our affordable cooling infrastructure extends the shelf life of perishable produce for farmers, allowing for longer storage periods and consequent reductions in post-harvest losses. By enhancing produce quality, farmers can command better prices, ultimately leading to increased income and improved economic well-being. 

COOL LION ENERGIES remains committed to revolutionizing the agricultural landscape by facilitating efficient, sustainable, and financially feasible cooling solutions that uplift smallholder farmers and catalyze economic growth across Africa. 

The founders

Richard Seshie

Founder & Managing Director

Richard has 14 years of experience in the fields of impact entrepreneurship and digital innovation. Winner of the Orange Award of the Social Entrepreneur of the Year in Africa (2012), Global Shaper World Economic Forum (2016), 50 Most Influential People in West Africa by Impact Magazine Senegal (2018), Enel Foundation Clean Energy Leaders Open Africa Power Fellow (2021). Educated at Draper University in Entrepreneurship (USA) and Executive MBA at Quantic School Institute of Business and Technology (USA) with a specialization in Supply Chain. Former CSR Coordinator for North Africa at Microsoft, he is widely recognized as a social innovator and catalyst in Cote d’Ivoire and Francophone Africa.