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Hilde Kadhikwa  | Graduate Engineer Trainee

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Dritoven Engineering provides project management, fabrication, installation, maintenance, procurement, and project cost, engineering services on both electrical, civil, and mechanical engineering trades. Dritoven provides a core selection of engineering design, manufacturing, construction, LV (Low Voltage) and MV (Medium Voltage) electrical equipment, protection, control, and automation, renewable energy, and energy audits, civil works, and design. Dritoven Engineering aspires to be one of the fastest-growing technical engineering companies in Namibia, which is owned by young Namibian graduated engineers and artisans who came together with a common goal.


Service Description

Dritoven Engineering stands at the forefront of delivering transformative solar irrigation technologies and empowering rural communities with productive use of energy (PUE) appliances. In rural areas, access to sustainable water sources for agriculture is vital. Solar irrigation technologies, spearheaded by Dritoven, harness renewable energy, mitigating reliance on fossil fuels and grid electricity.

Solar Irrigation Technologies for Rural Communities:

  1. Solar-Powered Water Pumps: These pumps utilize solar energy to efficiently irrigate fields, drawing water from boreholes, rivers, or ponds. Configurations cater to various water sources, minimizing maintenance and aligning water delivery precisely with crop needs.
  2. Irrigation with Solar-Powered Booster Pumps and Controllers: Addressing terrain challenges, booster pumps raise water from lower to higher elevations, crucial where grid access is limited. Solar controllers optimize water usage, adjusting timing and frequency to match crop and soil requirements.
  3. Solar-Powered Hydroponic and Aquaponic Farming Systems: Innovative and sustainable, these systems redefine agricultural production:
    • Hydroponic Farming: Nutrient-rich water solutions replace traditional soil, nurturing optimal plant growth. Solar-powered setups integrate panels for pumps, lights, and climate control, maximizing efficiency.
    • Aquaponic Farming: Merging hydroponics with fish farming, this closed-loop system leverages fish waste as nutrients for plants while plants purify water for fish. Solar power drives pumps and aeration systems, sustaining this eco-friendly cycle.

Productive Use of Energy (PUE) Appliances for Rural Communities:

Dritoven Engineering champions the application of energy beyond household needs to foster economic development:

  • Solar Off-Grid Systems: Dritoven designs and installs solar systems of various sizes, catering to rural communities’ power needs.
  • PUE Appliances: The company offers a range of appliances like solar-powered egg incubators, refrigerators, oil presses, and grain crushers. These tools empower rural communities by enabling income-generating activities, boosting economic growth, and enhancing livelihoods.

Through these cutting-edge technologies and initiatives, Dritoven Engineering aims to revolutionize rural farming practices, alleviate energy constraints, and empower communities with sustainable solutions for economic prosperity.

The founders

Hafeni Mungungu

Founder and Managing Director Mechanical

Mr. Mungungu is an executive chairman with a demonstrated history of working in the mechanical and electrical engineering industry. He systematizes and supervises all engineering installations, system controls, and on-site maintenance activities.

Jackson Nangolo

Founder and Managing Director Electrical

Mr. Nangolo holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical. He is an expert in testing and commissioning services, comprehensive operation, and maintenance solutions. During his tenure at ABB, he also became an expert in SCADA system design and operation.

Hilde Kadhikwa

Graduate Engineer Trainee