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EcoGreen Solutions Ltd 

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Seif Hamoud | Director of Finance and Business Development 

Company Description

EcoGreen Solutions Ltd., a privately owned Rwandan company led by two young women, specializes in manufacturing, distributing, and researching improved cook stoves certified from Tier 3 to Tier 5 by the Rwanda Standard Board.

Service Description

Ecogreen’s stove range spans from Tier 3 to Tier 5, featuring open-air-draught, forced draught and universal store stoves that can accept a versatile of different fuels. They leverage stainless sheet technology and alternative materials to drive cost reduction, fostering inclusivity in both local and global markets amid their expansion. Their increased biomass pellet production yields 2 tons per hour, enabling the monthly manufacture of 6,000 improved cookstoves. 

The company’s dedication to safety and efficiency shines through its innovative design elements, emphasizing enhanced safety, especially for children, by minimizing heat dispersion. This commitment underscores their focus on user well-being. Furthermore, Ecogreen’s operations are underpinned by stringent quality control measures. 

Ecogreen’s sustainability ethos is evident in their pellet production, sourcing raw materials from wood waste and agricultural byproducts. They utilize natural, untreated wood, scrap wood, residual sawmill wood, coffee, cocoa pods, corn husks, and rice husks, maximizing resource utilization. Maintaining water content below 25% and implementing checks during production upholds their unwavering commitment to quality, safeguarding both pellets, equipment integrity as well as their personal. 

The founders

Umutoniwase Anitha

CEO & Founder

Anitha Umutoniwase, CEO of EcoGreen Solutions Ltd, an experienced Rwandan entrepreneur, excels in clean cooking technology. MBA in Project Management, she merges HR and project skills, advocating for climate change and equal human rights. Her dedication birthed EcoGreen, solving access to clean, efficient cooking tech in Rwanda. 

Kibukayire Helene

Head of Recovery & Co-Founder

Kibukayire Helene, Is the Head of Recovery and Co-Founder for EcoGreen Solutions Ltd. She is a young female entrepreneur with more dedication in hardware and solar business. Her huge experience and education background in Accountancy helps her with her daily business transactions and Management. Her dedication to fight for climate change made her be part of EcoGreen Solutions Ltd Establishment.