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Patience Alifo  | CEO & Founder 

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Econexus Ventures Limited is a Ghanaian-based social enterprise commercializing sustainable bio-ethanol fuel as an alternative clean cooking solution in Ghana and the subregion through the valorization of organic waste and agro by-products. Their prime aim is to provide affordable, reliable, and clean-burning bioethanol fuels and stoves as alternatives to polluting yet expensive cooking fuels and stoves to about 860 million people in Africa who still lack access to clean cooking solutions by 2050. 

Service Description

Econexus specializes in providing a range of clean-burning bio-ethanol fuels and stoves, offering two primary products:

  • ECOGEL, a non-pressurized ethanol gel fuel
  • ECOFUEL, an evaporative liquid ethanol fuel

ECOGEL is packaged in repurposed PET bottles, promoting sustainable recycling, while ECOFUEL comes in secure adsorptive metal capsules, ensuring user safety and convenience. 

Our locally sourced clean-burning fuels originate from renewable sources like organic wastes (fruit remnants, cashew apples, and invasive water hyacinth) and agro by-products (cassava bagasse and sugarcane molasses). Infused with citronella for mosquito repellence, these fuels transform waste into climate-smart cooking solutions, prioritizing environmental safety and averting threats to food security, distinct from first-generation biofuels. 

Boasting efficiency, our smokeless fuels outlast charcoal and kerosene threefold. They power durable enamel-coated aluminum ethanol-based stoves, designed for sustainability and user-friendliness, ensuring a reliable and eco-conscious cooking experience. Our fuels play a crucial role in reducing deforestation caused by reliance on firewood and charcoal. 

EcoFuel and EcoGel burn cleaner than traditional fuels, providing substantial health benefits, especially for women and children who spend significant time cooking. Economically viable, our fuels offer affordability and longer burn times, considering both health and environmental costs, while contributing to local job creation and economic growth. 

Safety is paramount with our non-explosive fuels, providing peace of mind in every cooking endeavor. Our household and industrial stove models offer versatility, sturdy designs, dedicated fuel canisters, and safety features, meeting diverse cooking needs in different settings.  

In summary, Econexus delivers comprehensive solutions for clean cooking, ensuring sustainability, economic viability, health benefits, and safety across households and commercial settings. Our commitment to innovation and eco-consciousness drives us to provide reliable, efficient, and safe alternatives for a sustainable cooking experience. 

The founders

Patience Alifo

Miss Patience Alifo is a seasoned business development practitioner and a final-year project management student at the Ghana Institute for Public Administration with over 3 years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development.

Prince Nana Kow Essel

Mr. Prince Nana Kow Essel is an award-winning energy access specialist with over 5 years of experience in the sustainable energy access and transition sector. He is a trained Schneider Electric energy access entrepreneur, and an alumnus of Energy Generation Academy, Lomé, Togo.