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Samuel Asare | CEO & Founder 

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Nastech Power Solutions develops and manufactures solar generators, power inverters, and lithium battery packs from recycled electronic waste collected from discarded waste. The firm employs a circular economy model in the manufacturing of solar energy systems to provide affordable renewable energy systems generating electricity to support businesses and communities in Africa struggling with accessing electricity. The company’s approach has been to touch the unreachable communities and people who are in deprivation of electricity accessibility with their products. The products are uniquely designed by a team of engineers, with technologies and programming systems innovated by their team that get uploaded onto their designed mother boards and circuit systems, which run their inverters and solar generators to generate electricity.

Nastech’s focus and approach have been to find and employ innovative recycling methods and technologies to recycle electronic waste that is causing environmental problems by collecting, processing, and recycling it to develop systems for generating renewable energy, thereby achieving SDG goal 7. Their solar generators, due to their high affordability, could help most small businesses that are struggling with access to electricity for their operations acquire sufficient electricity for their business operations, cutting down on utility bills for their business and increasing revenue, which will help them expand and employ more workers.

Service Description

Nastech Power Solutions leads the charge in sustainable energy solutions, offering a diverse array of services tailored for both domestic and public energy needs. Our commitment extends across various facets of renewable energy, ensuring top-quality products and comprehensive support.

Solar Panel Installations

We pioneer solar energy generation systems, integrating cutting-edge technology and providing training for seamless user control. Our installations empower users in homes and public spaces to efficiently harness sustainable electricity, minimizing energy usage.

Manufacturing of Solar Generators

Experience top-tier solar generators, delivering clean and efficient energy for homes, businesses, and outdoor pursuits. Our commitment to quality ensures reliable, cost-effective solutions. Invest in our solar generators today and embrace renewable energy for enduring benefits.

Inverter Repairs and Maintenance

Maximize solar power efficiency with our high-performance inverters, designed for reliability and optimal performance. Our adept team handles installations, repairs, and maintenance, leveraging industry experience and expertise. Contact us for superior solar inverter services.

Solar Microgrid Installation and Management

Tailored to individual energy needs, our solar microgrid systems cater to homes and businesses alike. Customized solutions empower users to reduce carbon footprints and lower energy costs. Collaborate with our experts for efficient, reliable solar microgrid installations.

Lithium-iron Batteries for Solar and Electric Vehicles

Our lithium-iron batteries excel in performance and sustainability, making them ideal for diverse applications, from home energy storage to electric vehicles. Prioritizing safety and eco-friendliness, our batteries offer durability and reliability. Contact us for sustainable energy storage solutions.

Nastech Power Solutions epitomizes innovation and excellence in the renewable energy landscape. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, we’re committed to delivering top-notch products and services. Join us in embracing a greener, more sustainable future powered by renewable energy solutions that cater to your specific needs.

The founders

Samuel Asare

CEO & Founder

Mr. Samuel Asare is the founder and CEO of Nastech Power Solutions. The Ghanaian, with professional background in electronics and electricals, project management, business development, and marketing has over 8 years’ experience in solar energy systems development, marketing ,business management,  and project management