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Ohengo Investments CC 

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  • Solar/PV

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Lilongeni Unoovene  | Representative & Managing Director

Company Description

Ohengo Investments CC has ventured into the renewable energy industry to contribute to the social and economic upliftment of people living without basic amenities like electricity. Our company focuses on rural and infrastructural development in disadvantaged areas. One of our main goals is to speed up the development of semi-urban areas by providing them with affordable energy solutions. 

Service Description

Ohengo Investments CC offers financing options for the solar products it supplies. A maximum of 12 months for the lease-to-own agreement is allowed. This allows the client to pay off their solar system within one year of purchase with a 0% interest rate. They supply the energy-dock-systems with the capability of powering a TV, lights, and freezer (optional). Their energy system comprises lithium phosphate batteries with a lifespan of 10 years.


The founders

Lilongeni Unoovene

Founder and Managing Director of Ohengo Investments CC

Mr. Lilongeni Unoovene, Managing Director of Ohengo Investments CC, is a seasoned consultant in Renewable Energy (Solar) which includes networking and the facilitation of setting up electrification projects.

Thabo Makhurane

Director: Finance, Risk and Compliance of Ohengo Investments CC

Mr. Thabo Makhurane, is a qualified accountant with over a decade of experience in financial accounting, audit, financial analysis, financial management and risk and compliance at senior management level.

Namwenyo Mhata

Manager: Quality Assurance and Project Management of Ohengo Investments CC

Ms. Namwenyo Mhata, Namibian, is a seasoned and youthful Civil Engineer, with experience in construction, procurement, quality assurance and project management.
An energy enthusiast, pursuing a Master’s in Environmental Engineering in Energy.