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Powerstove Energy 

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Okey Esse | Founder & CEO 

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In 2018, Powerstove was founded on a lean budget, starting in a makeshift garage in Abuja, Nigeria. Our vision aimed to position as the leading Clean Cookstove company in Nigeria by 2023. Today, Powerstove stands as the largest Clean Cookstove provider in Nigeria, having sold over 100,000 products (3% exported), positively impacting 500,000 households across 30 states in the country. Renowned for our innovative approach, we lead as the most technologically advanced clean cookstove company in Africa, integrating Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Mobile, and Blockchain technologies. These advancements aim to enhance consumer behavior, financing options, and contribute to carbon offsetting within the Voluntary Carbon Market. 

Our commitment extends to a thriving sustainable bio-pellets business, establishing Powerstove as the most efficient and profitable in the market. Presently, we operate the largest indigenous stove and bio-pellets factory in Africa. Incorporated in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Kenya, and Nigeria, we’re expanding commercially beyond Nigeria. Our venture into Zambia, under the Zuba Programme, comes following an invitation from the Zambian Federal Government. Within two years, we plan to distribute 20,000 Powerstove cookstoves, marking our entry into the Zambian market and showcasing our commitment to international expansion and impact. 

Service Description

Powerstove offers high-quality, explosions-proof, plug-n-use bio-digesters tailored for both rural farming and urban households. Our bio-digesters efficiently gather and treat manure, human waste, kitchen scraps, and green waste, transforming them into biogas to power twin gas cookstoves and generators, while also producing organic fertilizers for agricultural use. Introducing a PAYGO model for bio-digesters expands access to renewable energy technology, enhancing the affordability of these systems for rural farming families. 

Powerstove’s bio-digester, depending on size, generates a minimum of 1,350 liters of biogas, equivalent to 20 kg/month of LPG (sufficient for a family of 6) for up to 5 hours of gas cooking and a maximum of 2.7kWh/day for household or commercial electricity. Our digester bag, crafted from specialized material, boasts qualities like anti-aging, resistance to acids and alkalis, UV protection, with a lifetime of over 10 years, complemented by a 2-year warranty. Each unit saves 5 tons of carbon emissions annually, totaling 50 tons throughout its lifetime. 

Furthermore, Powerstove’s bio-digester significantly elevates farmers’ crop yields by 30%, offering over 30 bags of free organic natural fertilizer monthly. This support enables farmers to command higher prices for their organic produce, save on fertilizer expenses, and eliminate the need and costs associated with procuring or buying firewood, as the bio-digester produces complimentary cooking gas. 

The founders

Okey Esse

Founder and CEO

Okey Esse, Founder/CEO, HND (Physics Electronics) is responsible for the daily operation of the company. He is a visionary, serial social entrepreneur, astute manager and team leader with 20+ years of experience.

Glory Esse

Co-founder and CMO

Glory Esse, Co-founder/CMO, NCE (Physics/Chemistry) is responsible for developing, managing and generating revenue by increasing sales through successful product marketing using market research, competitive pricing and BTL marketing communications. She has 13 years of experience.