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SLS Energy 

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  • Mini-grids
  • E-mobility and second life batteries


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Christian Yesashimwe | Project Manager

Company Description

SLS Energy focuses on tackling battery waste and enhancing power supply reliability. They leverage expertise in battery functioning and aging patterns to effectively repurpose retired batteries until their true end of life, contributing to sustainable energy adoption. Their core mission involves constructing energy storage solutions sourced from e-waste or retired electric vehicle batteries. They tailor battery packs for diverse market segments, offering power backup and cost savings through peak shaving and load-shifting applications. SLS Energy adopts a battery-as-a-service model to ensure the affordability and accessibility of their battery solutions.

Service Description

SLS Energy, an innovative energy storage company, specializes in repurposing and refurbishing used electric vehicle batteries to extend their lifespan, providing affordable and sustainable energy access. Our solution integrates real-time and remote monitoring systems into repurposed battery systems, empowering users to manage energy consumption effectively.

In collaboration with electronic waste management companies, electric mobility companies, and mini-grid energy partners, we acquire retired EV batteries, repurpose them, and deploy clean energy solutions. 

Our technology development process involves grading and matching tested battery cells, ensuring optimal configurations for reuse. The planned design and manufacturing of electronics, including a battery management system and communication module, allow for precise performance monitoring. Intelligent battery management system algorithms optimize battery state estimation, protection, and lifetime. Assembly into battery packs employs a solderless method with locally designed modular components.

Quality and performance checks, along with battery performance and capacity tracking using QR and alpha-numeric codes, ensure safety and optimization during the second-life application.

SLS Energy’s revenue and pricing model offers flexibility in two categories: 

  • Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS): Clients use stored energy with no upfront cost, paying a fixed monthly fee or an agreed fee per kWh consumed. 
  • Purchase to Own: Our battery system is customizable and sold with a down payment, providing clients with ownership and tailored solutions.

SLS Energy’s innovative approach addresses energy challenges in rural communities by promoting sustainability and offering accessible and customized energy solutions.

The founders

Léandre Berwa

Co-Founder and CEO 

Leandre is a co-founder and CEO of SLS Energy. He previously worked in the electric mobility and battery industries as a battery engineer at STIMA Boda in Kenya and a battery researcher at Hitachi Central Research Laboratory in Japan. His work focused on battery degradation models, electric vehicle fleet sizing, and operation optimization. Leandre holds an MSc degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University Africa. 

Patrick Ntwari

Co-Founder and Head of Hardware Engineering

Ntwari, co-founder of SLS Energy, spent more than 4 years supporting the development of solutions to electricity access. He strives to always offer affordability, reliability, sustainability, and economic viability by applying his skills in management, research, engineering, and manufacturing to improve operations and reduce costs.

Chris Karera

Co-Founder and Head of Software Engineering

Chris is a co-founder of SLS Energy. With a proven track record of leading a data science team and leveraging data-driven insights for informed business decision-making and renewable asset management, he is driven by a deep passion for solving climate change challenges. Chris’s previous experience in the EPC industry adds valuable expertise to his skill set. He holds an MSc degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University Africa.