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Smart Energy Enterprise (SEE) 

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  • Solar irrigation


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Gift Mwangairo  | Managing Director 


Company Description

SEE facilitates the adoption of solar-powered irrigation systems among Malawian smallholder farmers through customized, small-scale solar pump solutions available on loan. Repayment occurs during harvest seasons over two years, aligning with farming income cycles. Ownership transfers to farmers post-repayment. Additionally, SEE offers complimentary extension services in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture. Furthermore, it establishes a market avenue by directly procuring farmers’ produce at competitive rates, ensuring market access and financial sustainability for these agricultural communities. 

Service Description

The Solar Powered Irrigation System comprises solar panels, a solar pump, sanction pipe, delivery pipe, and a dedicated solar pump house. Tailored for flood and furrow irrigation—ideal for rice and maize cultivation—it optimizes crop-specific needs. The solar pump house multitasks: providing shelter, equipment storage, and housing for solar panels. 

Consultancy Services: SEE extends complimentary consultancy to smallholder rice growers, imparting modern crop husbandry practices to maximize rice yields, enabling loan repayment. 

Sense of Ownership: Distinguishing itself, SEE fosters ownership by enabling farmers to pay for irrigation services over a defined period, aligning incentives for sustainability. 

Market Access: SEE ensures market access for farmers’ rice produce, directly purchasing or connecting them to formal buyers at competitive rates, bolstering their economic prospects. 

The founders

Gift Mwangairo | Managing Director

Gift holds a bachelor’s of science degree in physical planning from University of Malawi, the Polytechnic. He worked as a physical planning officer at Karonga district council before founding SEE in 2017. Gift is a passionate social entrepreneur and fosters business innovation and creativity at SEE