SESA provides training on clean cooking technology to female students and graduate engineers at Rwanda Replication Action

Mar 12, 2024

19 female students and graduate engineers were trained on clean cooking technology by Smart Energy Solutions for Africa (SESA) at the Rwanda Replication Action. The training was offered by lecturers on energy at the University of Rwanda, partners in the SESA project and technicians from EcoGreen Solution Ltd.

The training for women in clean cooking technology was a transformative experience that occurred on two separate occasions. The first session, held on the 20th and 21st February, brought together a group of 10 women. Following the success of the initial training, a second session took place on the 27th and 28th February, this time with a group of 9 women. Both training sessions unfolded at the EcoGreen plant, a facility dedicated to the manufacturing of pellets and improved cookstoves. These sessions not only empowered participants with valuable skills but also highlighted the commitment of the project to fostering knowledge and expertise in sustainable energy solutions.

The training aimed to achieve three primary objectives: firstly, to familiarize trainees with the opportunities within the clean cooking technology sector; secondly, to equip them with practical skills in the manufacturing process of improved cookstoves and the production of biomass pellets; and thirdly, to enhance their entrepreneurial capabilities and understanding of business ethics to empower them in initiating startups in clean cooking technology.

The positive outcomes of the training included trainees’ ability to identify job opportunities and businesses within the clean cooking technology sector. Furthermore, they gained fundamental knowledge in improved cookstove manufacturing and biomass pellet production, laying a foundation for potential startup ventures.